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Jacky Lansley Dance Theatre premieres two major works for Hall for Cornwall, Truro and the Clore Studio Upstairs at the Royal Opera House:

View from the Shore translates the experience of the Cornish coastal landscape into the theatrical space and works with composer Lindsay Cooper's beautiful Concerto for Sopranino Saxaphone and Strings played live by the Cornish Sinfonia with soloist David White.

In Anamule Dance Lansley's choreography resonates to the voice and music of the great jazz pioneer Jelly Roll Morton using evocative 1930's recordings arranged and developed by composer Jonathan Eato. Lansley creates the programme with an exceptional company of experienced dancers - Sheron Wray, Tania Tempest-Hay, Fergus Early, Fiona Chivers, Quang Kien Van, Sally Williams, Timothy Taylor and Helen Tiplady.

Jacky Lansley on the work:
“View from the Shore is not a narrative ballet but I have tried to explore through its abstraction a sense of timeless sea stories, and a sense of community. My use of choreographic repetition of shapes and movements, almost ritualistic at times, explores an idea of cycles and patterns of human existence. Formally, too, I hope the work invites the audience to consider perspective and to ask the questions - whose view, and what view? ”

'We had all the nations in New Orleans..... but with the music we could creep in close to other people' Jelly Roll Morton.
“In more recent years I have been drawn to the use of everyday gesture and movement, to the mundane and seemingly insignificant and, apart from loving the music and its low down lyrics, I responded to the craft of under statement and its combination of street vernacular with classical form. Jelly's theories of jazz provide a useful template for artistic construction.

Programme for View from the Shore

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“As millions before us we observed the ancient presence of the rocks and the particular and wonderful juxtaposition of the constantly moving sea against the resisting stillness. We then took these experiences back into the studio - as a painter,sculptor, author might do. ”

Jacky Lansley
Programme notes on
View from the Shore

View from the Shore
Anamule Dance

“The integrity of Lansley's raw materials is always exemplary....its cast are an engaging, saggy-bottomed crew, their dance routines carrying the tobacco-stained atmosphere of a cheap dance hall, their comic bickering and panhandling accompanied by ghostly reminiscences from the great Jelly Roll Morton”

Judith Mackrell on Anamule Dance
The Guardian

“No one could call this a narrative ballet. Subtle and understated, it slips under the wires of consciousness and flowers when you are least expecting it. ”

Francesca Morrison The Stage

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Choreography: Jacky Lansley
Photography and film:Hugo Glendinning
Costume Designer: Nicola Fitchett
Lighting Designer: Anna Watson